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NAV consultant

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Nigel Frank
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3rd Apr, 2019

Do you want to grow?

If this question makes you think about what you could be doing within your career to accelerate your progression, to build your networks, become up to date with relevant software?

then answer is probably yes.

Do you want to earn a respectably large wage?

Does this question leave you thriving for more? Does it inspire you to think about whether you are earning as much as you could be? Is there always a lingering feeling in the back of your mind saying I AM WORTH MORE THAN THIS?

Then the answer is probably yes.

Do you want more from your workplace?

Do you sometimes feel like your career has turned stagnant? Like there aren't any more opportunities to progress? Perhaps you feel undervalued - like the work you are doing isn't recognised as it should be?

Then the answer is probably yes.

It's important to let yourself grow, it's equally important to be a little selfish - not in the bad perception of the word but in the ancient sense, if you do not look after yourself professionally, then how, I ask, are you going to mentor others effectively?

The job offer?

This is a new role, in an exciting tech company that has the capacity to let you play and interact with several different interesting and fresh technology products.

Making more use of your passion and respecting your right as an employee to flourish!

You will have a clear path to your own progression and also be given the opportunity to engage with a diverse portfolio of already very successful clients.

What you will need to do in return?

You need to have a year of experience with Navision software and as a benefit other ERP systems, you should have an absolute passion for interaction with new and interesting clients, you should be the type of person that loves to wake up and know that the day is going to be full of fresh faces and new challenges.


You are the type of person that wants to succeed, you actively encourage others and include them in your own journey as you work towards achieving goals to better the environment around you.


Contact me on to find out more.

Any communication between me and yourself will be treat with the upmost confidentiality.